Eviction Services

Dispossessory Filing ( Step 1 )

Filing a dispossessory warrant is the first step taken to initiate the eviction process ( the act of legally removing a tenant from your property ). We can file a dispossessory warrant on your behalf. In addition we can send out the proper notice to Tenant.

Court Hearing

If the Tenant decided to file an answer, a court hearing date will be scheduled on the next available court calendar date.

It is very important that you the Plaintiff show up at the trial hearing. Failure to show or appear will result in an automatic dismissal of your case against tenant with out prejudice.

This simply means you will have to start the eviction process completely over. This will cost you more time, money, and frustration.
We can attend court hearings on your behalf. We are not Legal Attorneys nor do we offer legal advice. However, we are Real Estate Professionals that offer equivalent competency and Representation.

Eviction crews

Our eviction crew can help you remove tenants belongings. We have 4 to 8 men crews that are professional and trained on how not to damage your property when removing tenant's items from property. Our eviction move out service costs $95 per half hour and $85 for each additional half hour.

Time is Money

Our Eviction Services will save you both time and money.



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